English is among the common subjects that students struggle with, for both children and teenagers. One effective way to help them improve this subject is by finding a proficient and skilled trainer to guide them.

With busy schedules, the ongoing pandemic, and convenience purposes, online tutoring has become one of the most recommendable choices for most private tuitions. However, it can be more difficult to select the right online tutor than selecting an in-person tutor as there is no face-to-face interaction. While English online tutors are readily available, it’s best to only go for those with high competence and skills.

This article discusses the most critical factors to look for in an online English instructor.

8 Essential Aspects to Keep in Mind When Selecting an Online English Tutor

Choosing the right online tutor will highly influence the effectiveness of a tutoring program. Below are 8 vital factors you should consider to ensure you select an instructor that can give your child the help they need;

1. Tutor’s knowledge and skills

Good tutors should have the expertise and knowledge needed to teach English effectively. They should know the correct methodology and language to teach learners depending on their learning paces, subject know-how, and learning style.

2. Flexibility and availability

One significant advantage of online learning is high flexibility which eases the scheduling of lessons between extracurricular activities and school. It would be best if you go for trainers who can adjust their schedules to suit your child.

The tutor should also be ready to change their lesson plans based on the learner’s needs and different situations without sacrificing quality. This criterion can boost the lessons’ efficiency.

3. Tutor’s dedication and patience

The most noticeable features of good tutors are their patience and dedication to teaching. Tutors with these traits combined with strong experience and skills can help a child achieve their full academic potential.

Therefore, it’s best to consider tutors with a reputation for listening to learners, trying to understand them, and dedicating their time and effort to better a child. Reviews are the best source of information when looking for tutors’ features and qualities.

4. Budget

Online tutors and platforms offer their services at varying fees. The charges usually differ with the type of assistance provided, tutoring duration, tutor experience, and education level of the child. More experienced tutors with the highest degrees tend to be more expensive than those with lower education levels.

Luckily, due to the few expenses required for e-learning to take place, online tutoring is much more affordable than you think. In fact, it’s cheaper than most face-to-face private teaching. Still, it’s advisable to select a platform or tutor who’s within your budget.

5. Tutors’ interactivity and enthusiasm level

Teaching children requires a lot of interactivity, engagement, positivity, and enthusiasm, particularly for languages. Promoting these four things in online English lessons empowers students and improves their communication skills and mental states.

6. The student’s opinions about a tutor

It’s important to remember that at the end of the day, the student is the one receiving the tutoring. Therefore, you’d want to ensure that the student is highly comfortable with the tutor for the training to be productive.

You can first arrange an introductory lesson and observe if the instructor is the best fit for the student and how they relate. The essential things to check are whether the tutor’s teaching method suits your kid and if they understand they understand the child’s needs.

On the upside, Erudite offers the first lesson with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you are not 100% satisfied the first lesson is completely free.

7. Tutor’s ability to use visuals and props

Visuals and props are essential learning aids in English. They can make a lesson livelier and more fun while promoting learners’ comprehension and creative thinking. However, some instructors don’t know how to use props and images in online classes.

Getting a tutor who’s known for effectively incorporating pictures and props during lessons can be the best thing to do for your child.

8. Tutor reviews

Reviews provide a clear picture of a tutor’s teaching experience, credibility, knowledge, adaptability, interactive and enthusiastic level, and relation with learners. These details can help you decide if a tutor can truly help your child or not.

Relying on tutors’ profiles only to gauge their capability to help a student can greatly cost your child. Making the extra effort to read what other students and parents say about them is a reliable way to confirm their quality and proficiency.


There are numerous factors to consider before picking an online English tutor. It’s usually worthwhile to take the time and effort to find a teacher with the patience, know-how, and expertise needed to help your child.

The above aspects will help you select a tutor good enough to deliver the right help and knowledge you or your child needs to excel in English.

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