Mathematics serves as a fundamental pillar for various professional disciplines such as commerce, meteorology, and technology. Therefore, excelling in your maths exams can open up many doors for your future.

Mathematics is one of the most poorly understood subjects in the world. Getting a band 6 (equivalent to scoring 90+ out of 100) in mathematics is no meagre task. You’ll have to study hard, grasp all the essential concepts and revise well for your HSC/VCE math exams.

As you prepare for your Year 11 and Year 12 exams, it would be best to get a math tutor to help you achieve a band 6 grade. If you’re looking to hire private math tutoring, then Erudite Tuition can help you with this process. Erudite offers the best local tutors who can help you bridge knowledge gaps and prepare for tests.

6 Ways of How Private Math Tutor Can Help You Achieve a Band 6

A private math tutor can help you with your math lessons, homework, and final HSC/VCE exams. By studying with an expert instructor, you can maximize your chances of excelling in your maths exams. Here is a list of 6 techniques that a professional tutor can use to help you achieve a band 6.

1. Strengthening foundations

Sometimes, schools can stuff too much information into their students’ math lessons. This practice typically occurs when the school rushes to finish the curriculum studies before exams begin. In such instances, you may fail to get the mathematical foundations required to excel in exams.

A private math tutor can help you strengthen your foundations on various mathematical concepts such as algebra, probability, and geometry. This way, you can gain essential knowledge on these topics. Additionally, you’ll continue building your comprehension levels on these topics until you have the expertise and ability to score a band 6.

2. Offering holiday learning

Everyone loves the holidays. However, students are prone to forget what they learned at school after a long school break. Although it’s good to blow off some steam during school holidays, it’s also essential to continue reading and revising. So how can you learn math during holidays and prepare for your HSC/VCE exams?

Your best option is to hire a private math tutor. Such a tutor can teach you over the holidays and help you hone your math skills. Thus, you can always be adequately prepared for tests and set the pace towards achieving a band 6 in your math test.

3. Preparing for specific exams

If you wish to get a band 6 in your HSC/VCE math examinations, you’ll need to study under specific conditions. A private math tutor can help you with this process by offering you proven tactics and tailor-made learning materials. This way, you can ace your math exams.

Apart from providing you with unrivalled knowledge, a professional tutor can also help you gain valuable skills. For instance, you can learn how to manage time and approach various math questions during exams.

4. Fixing problem areas

Sometimes, you may find that one or a few mathematical concepts prevent you from excelling in math. Such topics can seem overwhelming, and you may think they’re impossible to understand. However, hiring a private math tutor can help you improve in these problem areas.

A mathematics tutor can help you fill in knowledge gaps and also help you expand your mastery of math. Additionally, they can use new ways to explain mathematical concepts. This way, you’ll clearly understand all the areas that troubled you in the past and have the best chance of getting a band 6.

5. Improving attitude towards math

Students often have an “I don’t like it” mentality towards math. Having such a mentality can prove detrimental to your goal of attaining a band 6 in mathematics. So how can you overcome it?

A professional math tutor can help make math exciting and fun by offering you custom lessons and new approaches to math. Also, your tutor can help you develop an independent learning attitude towards math. Having such an attitude helps you quickly identify solutions to math problems and gain learning skills that help boost your academic performance.

6. Building confidence

Many learners fail to achieve a band 6 because they lack confidence in their skills and panic when they sit for HSC/VCE exams. Getting a private maths tutor can help you build your confidence and expertise when handling various mathematical concepts.

Once you start believing in your math abilities, you’ll have a higher level of conviction when facing HSC/VCE exams. You’ll gain the knowledge and confidence to handle any math question in your curriculum, and attaining a 90+ grade will be a straightforward process.


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