Dyslexic children typically have difficulties writing, spelling, reading, or speaking. While these children are generally brilliant and hardworking, they often find it hard to identify speech sounds and their connection to words and letters.

However, with a good tutor, dyslexic students can excel in their academics and benefit in many other ways. Nowadays, you can easily find competent and helpful tutors for such learners thanks to online tutoring.

Eight Reasons Why Online Tutoring Is Important to Dyslexic Children

Online private tutoring has proven to be an effective and productive way to help children improve academically. The customized help, individual attention, and convenience provided by this form of teaching make it suitable for a range of learners, including students with dyslexia.

Dyslexic learners require a unique form of learning. Their lessons need to be well-structured and should use a multisensory approach that incorporates the use of ears, hands, eyes, and voices during the learning process.

Some of the ways a dyslexic child can benefit from online tutoring include:

1. More Visual Lessons

Visual lessons are crucial for dyslexic students. Since they usually have trouble reading fast, lessons involving listening and watching help them understand more than just reading printed words.

Online tutoring makes it easy to incorporate different learning aids during teaching, including visual lessons, which are highly ideal for dyslexic kids. Erudite offers fully-recorded lessons that learners can listen to and view for more insight and understanding.

2. High Flexibility

Online tutors can adjust and work around your kid’s schedule, meaning your child can comfortably attend school and other co-curricular activities and still get private tutoring. You can also easily gauge the level of assistance your child is receiving by asking the tutor to come when you’re around.

3. Personalised Lessons

Dyslexic kids can gain differently from different learning styles. For example, narrative reasoning and 3D reasoning can benefit these learners. An online tutor can modify a dyslexic child’s learning process based on their level of assistance and preferred learning mode.

Getting such benefits is nigh impossible with a one-size-fits-all learning style. A dyslexic tutor understands your child’s needs and can relate to how they view the world, making it easy to give them the exact help they require.

4. Emotional and Academic Development

What most parents get wrong is thinking that private teaching is only meant for academic development. Getting your dyslexic child a tutor can help them in more ways than you can imagine, including emotionally.

Online tutoring can help your dyslexic kid become more confident and have higher self-esteem, which will greatly contribute to their academic performance. It can help them have a different perspective of how they interact with people or see the world and improve their emotional and personal growth.

5. Increase Curiosity and Confidence

Dyslexic learners can easily lose interest when researching or going through books, and they may feel shy/unmotivated to read, write, and talk without the right motivation. Online tutors can develop a personal connection with your child, inspire them, and help them become confident, curious, and motivated to pick up books, read, and write.

6. Easy Integration of Assistive Technology

Assistive technology can significantly help kids with dyslexia learn faster. It can encompass items, products, equipment, and other things used to help learners with a disability maintain, improve, or enhance their functional capabilities.

Integrating assistive technology and other reading tools in online tutoring is easy. Also, the tutor can use different technologies to give your child the best assistance.

Online tutors can also guide your child on the most suitable devices to use based on their needs and show them how to utilize the technologies appropriately.

7. More formats to share information

Online tutors can share learning materials with learners in many formats. While written texts and PDF files are the easiest options, they may not be suitable for dyslexic students. But with online tutoring, this may not be an issue at all.

Tutors can give your child learning materials in a format they can work with seamlessly. For example, they may offer them video demonstrations or audio files rather than contextual explanations.

8. Access to specialized and experienced tutors

Dyslexia kids need specialized guidance and attention. They should be taught by an instructor who has experience and knowledge about this cognitive issue. However, accessing such tutors can be tricky, especially if you’re from a remote area.

Thanks to primary tutoring, you can access experienced and skilled tutors with a specialty and experience in helping dyslexic children. Also, there is a wide choice of online instructors you select from based on your child’s needs or subject of interest.


Dyslexic students require a unique learning approach to bring their ears, eyes, voices, and hands together for higher retention and understanding. If your child has this condition, getting them a skilled and experienced tutor can dramatically improve their academic performance.

Online tutoring will not only help your child improve academically. It can also impact their perception of things and boost their self-confidence, which is critical in any form of learning.