Getting online tutor in Sydney can help significantly improve your child’s attitude towards learning. When you find your tutor online, it’s so much more than just hiring a teacher for your little one. The best tutors are there to help guide your child through the learning process and become role models for them to look up to. Online tutoring also provides your child with a personalised learning experience, ensuring that they get customised lessons depending on required educational needs by enhancing their academic performance and ensuring that they’re adequately prepared for tests or exams, whether they’re studying in high school or preparing to go to university.

Advantages of Hiring Tutors

  • Regular feedback is provided by tutors to students. It is hard for teachers in school to pay attention to every student when they have a class of students to attend to. With tutoring, your child will have the full attention of the tutor, who can provide feedback on how your child is doing in the private class.
  • Online tutoring allows students to save time and avoid having to travel far away. It is easy for your child to turn on their computer/laptop and begin studying. All they need to do is to have an internet connection and to be in a peaceful area that’s conducive for studying.
  • The online sessions are designed to suit the student’s individual pace. A teacher can’t work at a student’s pace in a classroom. Thus, it is best to choose online tutoring.
  • Online tutoring can help students gain confidence. It is a great option for students who are shy about asking questions in the classroom. The tutor and your child are the only people there so your child can ask any questions they might have.
  • Students might be afraid of making mistakes. They might feel inferior or less confident if their peers are more proficient learners than them. Online tutors are able to identify your child’s strengths as well as weaknesses. Online tutors are able to work with their students one on one.

Advantages of Hiring Tutors

Online tutoring services help students boost their confidence, teach them essential skills, and improve their comprehension of various subjects. Therefore, finding the perfect online tutor in Sydney can significantly enhance your child’s online studying experience. Here are ten tips to consider when looking for online tutors for your high school or university student.

1. Begin by identifying what your child struggles with.

This might seem rather obvious, but it still needs to be said—it is essential to identify what lessons or subjects your child needs help with before looking for tutors. This way, you can narrow down your search for tutors online by quickly identifying one that can help teach your child to learn and improve their problem areas. You will often be able to identify what your child is struggling with by taking a look at their report card or speaking to their high school teacher.


Keep in mind that this doesn’t always have to be a “weakness.” If your goal is for your child to get a spot in the selective test, you’ll need a specialised tutor who can go over test preparation strategies and thinking skills.

2. Set your learning expectations.

Online learning is a journey, and it would be best if you knew your expectations before embarking on this journey. It is always helpful to set realistic expectations for your young student that can assist you in selecting online tutoring services. Ideally, you’d want tutors who understand your child’s strengths, weaknesses, and expectations. With such aspects in mind, you can find tutors who can help you achieve your objectives competently.

3. Identify your budget and the tutor’s availability .

Different tutors tend to charge varying rates. Identifying one you can afford can help improve your child’s academic knowledge without breaking the bank. Also, ask the tutoring specialist about their availability to ensure they can fit into your day-to-day schedule as you may want to sit in on a few of your child’s lessons to see how they’re coping.

4. Don’t shy away from asking questions.

The more you know about your potential tutors, the easier it will be to see whether they are the right fit. Therefore, you shouldn’t shy away from asking various questions. Some of the things you can ask your tutors include their teaching methods, past tutoring experiences, and even what they expect from you as a parent to assist your child in their educational journey.

5. Consult your friends and community.

Consulting your family, classmates, and people such as other parents can help you identify professional online tutoring specialists for your young student. In most instances, you may find that these people have top-notch recommendations and can save you the hassle of searching and vetting a tutor.

6. Consider hiring a tutor from a tutoring agency.

Online tutoring agencies such as Erudite Tuition offer professional and expert tutors. Such firms have meticulous selection and training mechanisms to ensure that your young student get only the best tutors. Therefore, hiring a tutor from a tutoring agency would be best rather than getting an individual or freelance tutor.

We can guarantee that our tutors are of top quality and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and don’t charge you until you find the perfect tutor.

7. Look for a tutor with whom your child can build a tutor-student relationship together.

Identifying a tutor with whom your child can connect cordially and professionally helps make online studying easier for them. Students don’t necessarily have to be close friends with their tutor. However, it’s essential to have a solid student-tutor bond to ensure exciting and fun lessons.

8. Try to find a tutor with amicable terms.

Entering into a sketchy online tutoring contact can expose you to financial losses, or you may end up failing to get your money’s worth. Therefore, consider looking for tutors that offer student-friendly terms. For instance, try identifying tutors or online tutoring agencies that offer no upfront fees, no lock-in contracts, and money-back guarantees.

9. Recognise your preferred studying style.

Hiring an online tutoring specialist familiar with your preferred studying style helps your child grasp concepts more quickly and enjoy the study sessions better. If your child learns better with visual, auditory, or written cues, look for a tutor offering these features.

10. Have an open-minded mentality.

On top of the tips above, it’s always good to have an open mind when choosing online tutoring services. Sometimes you may fail to find a tutor because your standards are too high. Therefore, it’s crucial to give tutors a chance even they don’t meet your requirements completely. You might be surprised to find the best online tutor in someone who might not have seemed a good fit initially.

Finishing Off

In closing, it would be best to reflect on the tips above when getting online tutoring professionals in Sydney. Also, you can opt to look for an online tutor who lives in your locality. This way, you can schedule in-person tutoring lessons if the need arises.


Erudite Tuition can help you search for the perfect tutor if you want your child to enjoy all these educational benefits. Once you submit your enquiry via a phone call or online form, an advisor will reach out to you and recommend some of the best online tutors in Sydney.


From there, you can select a tutor, and Erudite will organise your child’s first study session and notify you through a phone call. Once your child starts studying on the Erudite Learning Platform, the tutor will use structured lesson plans and guidance to ensure them become an all-around top student.