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Erudite Teacher

Erudite means an individual who has both deep and broad familiarity with specific subjects and general knowledgeable as a virtue of study and extensive reading. 

We recognise that you’ve put time and effort into cultivating your skills, so why not share that knowledge with others?

Erudite Tuition is more than just a tutoring agency, it’s a community of like-minded individuals putting their front-foot forward and sharing their knowledge through tutoring.

We’ve provided one-on-one tutoring (online and home) to K-12 students since 2018. We stand out from the competition with our focus on making lessons interactive, fun and personalised for each and every single student. Our success is driven by you, our amazing teachers who put 110% into every single lesson and striving to do the very best for their students. With great benefits and opportunities working with us, what’s stopping you?

Why not take this chance to work one-on-one with students that need your knowledge?

What we look for in our teachers

As a registered teacher, we know you have the skills qualified to teach a variety of our students. However, Erudite Tuition must abide by legal and regulatory requirements for all our teachers.

To apply, you must currently possess or have the ability to obtain a Working With Children Check and an Australian Business Number.

Teaching Qualification

Every single one of our teachers must have a teaching qualification in the form of a certificate/license in Australia. This will be verified should you be accepted after the interview stage.

If you don’t have a registered qualification, you can still become an academic tutor here.

Communication Skills

Our teachers are required to have communication skills capable to explaining complex problems and breaking them down into bite sized pieces so that students can understand.

Communication is at the very core of what we do, so we expect the very best.

Guidance and Mentoring Skills

At Erudite Tuition, we view teaching as so much more than just a lesson.

Our teachers are all natural leaders who are able to motivate and inspire their students to do better. To become an Erudite teacher, you’ll need to display these traits at all times, with the goal of helping your students succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of our most common questions below about the role!

Yes, this page will only accept applications for registered teachers and you’ll be required to upload your proof of accreditation. To apply to become a tutor with Erudite Tuition instead, please visit this page instead.

Erudite Tuition is an Australian-based tutoring organisation. For applicants who have completed their schooling outside of Australia, we will generally decline your application as experience with the Australian schooling curriculum is mandatory.

As such, applicants who have completed schooling in Australia are highly regarded. If you do have relevant experiences with teaching Australian students we do encourage you to apply.

Depending on your main preference of teaching, this will either be online or at a student’s home.

For face-to-face, most of the time you’ll be at the student’s house with some exceptions like libraries etc. We try and get you students near you and you always have the right to accept or decline students.

With Online Lessons, we’ll organise a Lessonspace classroom for both you and the student. When it’s time to teach, simply click on the link provided in the email or by logging onto the dashboard to open the class!

For in-person lessons, you’ll be required to travel to a student’s home to conduct the lesson.

Please note that we will never force you to teach a student. Every single potential student for you is first confirmed by you before a first trial lesson is arranged. During this time, we will provide full information about travel time and location so you can be completely informed.

Additionally, we will always try to offer you students matching your skillset and experiences within 15 minutes of your location one-way so that you will never be required to travel more than a certain time.

At Erudite, we are a big believer in flexibility and tailored experiences for our students. We believe in the same for our teachers. You can work as much or as little as you would like to fit your schedule. All we ask is that you ensure you are able to take a student for the long term before taking on a new student as most students will be looking for a long term mentor.

There will be instances where students are looking for some temporary support, which will be made clear in the student details. If you are looking for more short term engagements with students then these will be more suitable for you.

Once you’ve sent in your application, one of our hiring managers will review your application and experiences. If successful, you’ll be asked to book an online interview timeslot with us.

If you’re successful with the interview, you’ll be asked to complete a mandatory onboarding package before your account is created.

After onboarding is completed, you’ll join our team of Academic Tutors on probation until you’ve successfully completed a set number of lessons.

Even if you never tutored in a private tutoring context before, your experiences as a classroom teacher will be highly transferrable. The team at Erudite will guide you through the main differences to allow you to get up to speed as fast as possible.


You have complete flexibility in choosing whatever subjects you’re comfortable with and would want to tutor at any given time. Generally speaking however, we expect our teachers to be teaching subjects that they already teach at their school.

For help regarding the application process, please do not call us as this is mainly reserved for our clients.

You can email our dedicated talent team at [email protected]

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