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Specialising in many subjects from Kindergarten to Year 12, we’re one of Australia’s leading private tuition organisations, catering to in-home and online lessons.

Our Vision

Success isn’t based on how smart you are

There is no evidence that being successful is based on being smart in any field, especially in academics.

Here at Erudite Tuition, we believe that every student shines in their own way and we uncover that with a tailored tutor. Every single young student has uncovered potential and with the right support, they can become the best version of themselves.

Our Mission

Relationships First, Marks Second

Our goal, first and foremost, is to create a complete learning environment for your child to develop the necessary skills to serve as a foundation for your child.

An Erudite tutor isn’t just another teacher, they’re a mentor and a role model, supporting you through school and helping you prepare for the future. With a great relationship comes confidence and with confidence comes results and success.

Let’s show you how.


We’re Great Teachers

Thousands of students and hundreds of lesson hours

Over the past few years, we’ve worked with a diverse range of students from all backgrounds and ages to achieve their goals and dreams using one core methodology. 

Focusing on Students

We don’t focus on the results. Now, of course we care about results, but we care more about the bond that is developed between our tutors and their students.

Our tutors are role-models and mentors more than anything else and not just teachers. Each of them provide unique insights and form real connections with students.

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Our successes working with students…


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Satisfaction Rate

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Deep R
May 13, 2024

I been looking for my daughter Econ year 12 tutor for weeks, she was doing good but lacking grades with mark allocation and economical terminology,My huge thanks to Erudite Tuition (Jeza) for getting me perfect tutor Mr Houng.👍 He Helped my daughter so much that both SAC she got A+.Very understandings,punctual and the best part After every session parents get report what Ur child did.And fee is so affordable pay as you go.No upfront contract or hidden fees. Communication is so easy regarding any issue. This really boosted my daughters confidence. A big thanks to Mr Houng and Erudite tuitions.🙂 THANKS JEZA 😊

Live Life
April 26, 2024

Excellent guidance provided by tutor (Taine). We are extremely happy with Erudite.

March 15, 2024

The service is very professional. Highly recommended to all students in seeking for academic success or simply help.

George Hanna
January 25, 2024

I am delighted to express my gratitude for the outstanding work that Nishka has been doing with my daughter in the legal studies subject. Nishka guidance is truly commendable. The tutor's dedication, and effective teaching methods are very helpful and appreciated.

Lisa Camilleri
December 19, 2023

My daughter sought out Math's tutoring to support her doing Math's extension 2 in her final year of schooling (Yr. 12). She was so very happy with Eric's weekly tutoring. She looked forward to the sessions and found it v. enjoyable. She also felt the tutoring also benefited her overall ATAR mark. Thanks so much Eric and Erudite. - Mother

poonam puri
October 22, 2023

I can recommend Emma Ng as a courteous, top most, excellent HSC maths tutor.

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