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Kindergarten to Year 12 1-on-1 tutoring in Sydney and Melbourne. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on your first lesson. Don’t love it? Don’t Pay!

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What you’ll love about Erudite Tuition

Here are just some of the reasons why you’ll love our selective school tutoring program.

Books used in a selective school tutoring program

Past Papers and Resources

Any program isn’t complete without the resources to back it up. We’ve created practically unlimited quality test papers covering the entire scope of the test. We also have specialized question programs which target specific question types and underlying thought processes.

Gold star representing 100% satisfaction guarantee in our tutoring program

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Love your first lesson or it’s on us. We’ll cover the cost of the lesson and find you a suitable tutor with no additional charges. No payment is required until we find the right tutor and we’ll let you change tutors until you find one you absolutely find perfect.

Image of a computer displaying data, representing the selective school tutoring program at Erudite Tuition.

Parent & Student Integration

Parents and students are in the loop and fully integrated into our tutoring programs at all times. We provide progress reports after every lesson, tailored by your tutor and we operate with complete transparency. For example, all online lessons are fully recorded and available.

A fast clock, symbolizing the simplicity, speed, and flexibility of Erudite Tuition's selective school tutoring program.

Simple, Quick and Flexible

Book in under 2 minutes or give us a call and we’ll find you a suitable tutor within 24 hours. We’ll take care of everything from tutor matching to lesson preparation. Lessons in your home or online whenever it’s convenient for you. No more rushing in peak-hour traffic!

Showing colorful statistics and goals, symbolizing the proven results achieved through Erudite Tuition's selective school tutoring program.

Proven Results

We have a proven track record. In aggregate, our students achieve an average of 83% in Year 11 and 12 exams whilst also seeing an average improvement of 34%. We treat each student as an individual and maximise their potential to achieve the best version of themselves.

Structured and tailored colorful bricks, representing the effectiveness of Erudite Tuition's selective school tutoring program.

Structured & Tailored Lessons

Each and every one of our tutoring programs are structured to maximise results whilst also being tailored and personalised to our students. We thoroughly incorporate the subject syllabus whilst bringing learning to life. No more boring or ineffective lessons that don’t achieve much.

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Primary school tutor helping a primary school student, demonstrating the personalized approach of Erudite Tuition's private tutoring services.

Why Erudite Tuition?

Tutoring has long been a trade-off. Either you paid an extremely costly price for 1-on-1 tutoring or went to a tutoring class where limited learning was actually done.

Erudite Tuition was born as a solution to provide unparalleled quality private tuition in Sydney and greater NSW at extremely affordable rates and delivered real results.

Over the past few years, we have worked with a diverse range of students from all backgrounds and ages to achieve their dreams and goals.

With our diverse set of tutors and their knowledge that we can provide to students, we have hundreds of satisfied parents and students and completed over 100,000 lesson hours.

Our methodology at Erudite Tuition is to match bright minds with motivated and passionate tutors while assisting you every step of the way. We care about the student’s wellbeing and confidence and believe these naturally translate into long-term goals and results.

Still not convinced?

Here are just some of the reasons that you’ll love the way we do things at Erudite Tuition.

Proven Methdology

Results are guaranteed when you have a step-by-step process proven to facilitate long-term improvement.

Education Experts

Our tutors go through a multi-stage rigorous selection process and go through our extensive training program before their first lesson!

Flexible & Convenient

Your tutor comes to your house whenever it works for you for in-home tutoring. For online, it’s even easier, with a platform designed for excellence and recording.


We provide the best value for money than anywhere else. Our students see substantial improvements in their results, confidence and approach to academics.

Erudite Tutors Are…

Not Just About the Results

Our selective school tutors are the best of the best and specifically trained to tutor students. It’s more than just academic results because we focus on the relationships between students and teachers the most. That’s why we focus on tutors who are mentors, have role model qualities and have a passion for tutoring.

Skilled and have a background of results

All our tutors are hand-selected and go through a rigorous interview selection process where only the top 3% are picked. Additionally, they’ve also shown experience by either graduating from Selective School and achieved exemplary academic success with a minimum of 96 ATAR.

Backed by years of experience

From our resources to our teaching methods, we’ve invested years of experience into making sure that you’re only getting the best at an affordable price. That means high-quality resources and support to bring out the best in every student.

A woman holding a book and smiling at the camera, showcasing the positive impact of Erudite's personalized tutoring services.

Our tutors also have…

A check with stars, symbolizing the importance of working with children checks for private tuition services at Erudite.
Working with Children Checks

Every single tutor has a valid employee Working With Children Check and has been cleared to work with children.

Image depicting tutors undergoing a strict training process, showcasing the commitment to excellence in Erudite's private tutoring services.
Completed Extensive Training

All our tutors must undergo a strict training process before they are allowed to take on students.

Image of books and educational resources, highlighting the abundance of resources and skills available through Erudite's private tutoring services.
Resources and Skills

With thousands of resources and materials and extensive experiences and training, our tutors both have the lesson content and the knowledge required to teach anything.

Or give us a call at 1300 236 806

Join our satisfied students

Diana Cipic
June 25, 2024

Fantastic service from this company. Very easy to deal with, and Lauren is an outstanding English tutor. Would highly recommend.

Deep R
May 13, 2024

I been looking for my daughter Econ year 12 tutor for weeks, she was doing good but lacking grades with mark allocation and economical terminology,My huge thanks to Erudite Tuition (Jeza) for getting me perfect tutor Mr Houng.👍 He Helped my daughter so much that both SAC she got A+.Very understandings,punctual and the best part After every session parents get report what Ur child did.And fee is so affordable pay as you go.No upfront contract or hidden fees. Communication is so easy regarding any issue. This really boosted my daughters confidence. A big thanks to Mr Houng and Erudite tuitions.🙂 THANKS JEZA 😊

Live Life
April 26, 2024

Excellent guidance provided by tutor (Taine). We are extremely happy with Erudite.

March 15, 2024

The service is very professional. Highly recommended to all students in seeking for academic success or simply help.

George Hanna
January 25, 2024

I am delighted to express my gratitude for the outstanding work that Nishka has been doing with my daughter in the legal studies subject. Nishka guidance is truly commendable. The tutor's dedication, and effective teaching methods are very helpful and appreciated.

Lisa Camilleri
December 19, 2023

My daughter sought out Math's tutoring to support her doing Math's extension 2 in her final year of schooling (Yr. 12). She was so very happy with Eric's weekly tutoring. She looked forward to the sessions and found it v. enjoyable. She also felt the tutoring also benefited her overall ATAR mark. Thanks so much Eric and Erudite. - Mother

Or give us a call at 1300 236 806

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