100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We know it can be daunting to spend money on a service you’re not satisfied by. That’s why we offer our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, whenever you need a new tutor.

Our Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

For your first ever lesson with us, we’ll offer a risk-free trial of our tutors. If you for any reason do not like the tutor assigned or are not satisfied with their services, payment is not required and we’ll find you another tutor.

We are so confident in our tutors that we will not charge you for any lessons until we find you a tutor who you would like to continue lessons with.

Payment will still be required for the first-lesson if you decide to proceed with the tutor.

Join our satisfied students

March 15, 2024

The service is very professional. Highly recommended to all students in seeking for academic success or simply help.

George Hanna
January 25, 2024

I am delighted to express my gratitude for the outstanding work that Nishka has been doing with my daughter in the legal studies subject. Nishka guidance is truly commendable. The tutor's dedication, and effective teaching methods are very helpful and appreciated.

Lisa Camilleri
December 19, 2023

My daughter sought out Math's tutoring to support her doing Math's extension 2 in her final year of schooling (Yr. 12). She was so very happy with Eric's weekly tutoring. She looked forward to the sessions and found it v. enjoyable. She also felt the tutoring also benefited her overall ATAR mark. Thanks so much Eric and Erudite. - Mother

poonam puri
October 22, 2023

I can recommend Emma Ng as a courteous, top most, excellent HSC maths tutor.

Henz Zzz
September 4, 2023

Grateful to have chosen Euridite. Completely satisfied with the Maths method and Physics VCE tutor Aaron.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions regarding deposits or lessons? Find some common answers below.

For In-home lessons, we’ll work with you to organise a suitable time for your first lesson.

Your assigned tutor will visit your house with the materials ready to begin the lesson. You’ll receive a reminder email 24 hours before your lesson every week.

For online lessons, you’ll receive a reminder email 24 hours before your lesson with the online lesson link. Click this button when you’re ready to get started!

During the tutor matching process, we’ll give you a summary of your tutor, their experiences and qualifies, as well as the time of the trial lesson.

Your tutor will then give you a welcome call before the lesson to introduce themselves and answer any questions you might have.

Our tutors include registered teachers, high academic achievers and university researchers located in Sydney and Melbourne. Every single one of our tutors have also achieved at least a 96+ ATAR where applicable. This makes them extremely familiar with the syllabus as well as having experience with teaching.

Potential tutors must all undergo a difficult selection process to ensure that we only pick the best of the best tutors. We then follow it up by providing the resources, training and support for a tutor to join Erudite Tuition.

Students are unique in the way they like to learn things. That’s why we do so many things to make sure that your child is on track with their own personalised teaching lessons.

We test students regularly to monitor improvements. We know that you might not know what’s happening with your child’s progress so we make sure tutors submit feedback reports weekly and a detailed monthly feedback report. Tutors are also given a sample test for students to gauge how far along in their education they are and what areas specifically they require help in.

You can also let your tutor know that you would like your child to be tested and we would be more than happy to assist with this.

That’s completely fine as we provide our tutors with the required worksheets and materials prior to their very first lesson with you. Our tutors have access to some of the best resources that we provide to them to make sure that they can focus on tutoring the child.

They will tailor each lesson around your child’s needs and design a new unique program for them.

Once a lesson is successfully arranged, you’ll get an email 24 hours before your lesson with the link to the lesson. There’s no need to download anything, our online classroom will load right in your browser.

Every lesson is recorded so you can review all material at your own leisure and make sure that your child is getting the best education possible.

Unfortunately, we only allow trials for the very first lesson with a tutor but you can swap tutors as many times as you’d like till you find the perfect one without paying.

Keep in mind however a reasonable section of the first lesson revolves around getting to know your tutor and your tutor being able to understand where your child needs help with.

Regardless however, you’re never locked into a long-term contract at Erudite Tuition as you can stop or cancel at any time, only paying for the sessions that are attended.

Yes, you’ll get the same Erudite Tutor every week.

We find that replacement teachers or substitutes don’t work as well due to unfamiliarity so we’ll work to reschedule lessons with you so that they’ll always work out.

During the matching process, we’ll give you a call to understand your needs and your situation. We recognise that every student isn’t the same and it’s up to us to make sure that each lesson is personalised.

We’ll work together with you to identify weak areas that your child has and develop a learning plan based on this that we will provide to the tutor. The tutor is then briefed on the situation and asked to prepare with these requirements in mind.

Erudite at its core, refers to someone who has academically accomplished through their hard-work.

This is who we are and we’re proud of that. Our goal is to make the experience for students the best as we possibly can and we do this by offering a unique learning and teaching experience. Students are taught life skills beyond the classroom rather than just memorisation.

We also offer a lower price compared to our competitors whilst providing more support. We love what we do and we know that you’ll love us too!

Tutoring for us is more than just students who struggle. In fact, we believe that most students who are at the top, are there because they have a mentor, someone to support them.

Tutoring to us is so much more than just teaching. It’s about giving your child a partner to take their education journey with, whilst enjoying every step of the way.

Every student has something to gain from tutoring and we aim to teach student’s how to do more than just memorise, but applying their concepts to other areas of life.

There are no hidden fees. We include GST, credit card fees and transport costs into the final price. What you see is what you’ll pay.