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Year 10 English

In Erudite’s year 10 English program, students encounter a wide variety of complex texts including hybrids of previous studied texts. They will also encounter unexpected plots and complex storylines which they will be required to analyse and understand the author’s original intent. Erudite Tuition also deploys its large bank of resources for year 11 and year 12 English more extensively to provide students with precursor materials and exposure to senior high school English. 

The year 10 English program is designed to prepare students for their year 11 and year 12 English studies by consolidating the English skills and knowledge developed over the prior 11 years of schooling and reinforcing the paramount ability to apply such knowledge in tailored contexts.

What’s included in 1-on-1 Year 10 English Tutoring

Here’s a breakdown of a sample 1 hour lesson and is a good indicator of how lessons are conducted by our tutors.

What We Can Help With

Our focuses for tutoring in Year 10 English Tutoring

Mastering The Foundations Of English

Develop the key fundamentals including essay and paragraph structuring to set yourself up for success in high school English

Internalise and apply the key fundamentals including essay and paragraph structuring to set yourself up for success in high school English. Continually brush up and reinforce grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
Cultivate Technical And Literary Analytical Skills
Apply and extract the various technical, language, and literary techniques used by various mediums to convey meaning, communicate ideas, and persuade the audience and scrutinise their impacts on meaning.
Master Persuasive, Descriptive, And Creative Writing With Literary Techniques
Master the fundamentals of exemplary persuasive writing and descriptive language and apply these to creative writing tasks. Further incorporate literary devices into written works to accentuate meaning.
Reading And Comprehension
Solidify the fundamentals of exceptional comprehension abilities through furthering the ability to interpret abstract and implied meanings in convoluted contexts.
Composing Erudite Essays
Implement and construct exemplary essays which exhibit the hallmarks of top tier essays through structuring, idea presentation and generation, quote and supporting evidence selection, and essay flow.
Confidence And Presentation Skills
Further confidence and positive attitudes towards Year 10 English through continual support and rectification of weaknesses. Further develop presentation ability and confidence in presentation and speaking.

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What you’ll love about Erudite Tuition

Here are just some of the reasons why you’ll love our Year 10 English tutoring program.

Past Papers and Resources

Any program isn’t complete without the resources to back it up. We’ve created practically unlimited quality test papers covering the entire scope of the test. We also have specialized question programs which target specific question types and underlying thought processes.

Parent & Student Integration

Parents and students are in the loop and fully integrated into our tutoring programs at all times. We provide progress reports after every lesson, tailored by your tutor and we operate with complete transparency. For example, all online lessons are fully recorded and available.

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The Best Year 10 English Tutors

Our tutors and mentors have a proven history of academic success and have been specially trained for Year 10 English Tutoring. You can rest assured knowing that your tutor not only knows the material, but have a passion for tutoring.

Only knowing the content isn’t enough for a teacher and at Erudite Tuition, we know that. That’s why every single one of our Year 10 English tutors are hand-picked and trained through extensive onboarding.

We look for tutors that inspire, motivate and help students achieve their goals with a focus on the relationship. Our tutors aren’t like classroom teachers, they’re there to bring out the best in every single lesson.

Our tutors also have…

Working with Children Checks

Every single tutor has a valid employee Working With Children Check and has been cleared to work with children.

Completed Extensive Training

All our tutors must undergo a strict training process before they are allowed to take on students.

Resources and Skills

With thousands of resources and materials and extensive experiences and training, our tutors both have the lesson content and the knowledge required to teach anything.

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March 16, 2023

Very nice, very professional

Nada Abalkhail
February 28, 2023
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February 9, 2023

Highly intelligent capable tutors

Melissa Ramsden
January 23, 2023

Sophia is worth it.

judy tjin
December 18, 2022

Sophia is a good tutor who goes at a good pace to consolidate my child’s learning. By doing multiple examples of an unfamiliar topic, she is slowly improving her skills through her explanations.

Venkata Satya
September 21, 2022


Or give us a call at 1300 236 806

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