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Primary school serves as an important foundation during which many of the key skills and fundamental principles which will govern a student’s academic journey are developed. NAPLAN serves as a way for students to benchmark their performance against a number of areas including literary, numeracy, writing, reading, punctuation, spelling and grammar.

Erudite’s NAPLAN program aims to ensure that the foundational aspects of these core areas are met through a structured learning program designed to improve confidence and fundamnetals.

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We know it can be difficult to find a perfect tutor on your first try. That’s why, on your first lesson with us, don’t pay anything until you find the tutor perfect for you!
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Learn about how we offer the best NAPLAN tutoring for Years 3,5,7 and 9.

Tailored Tutoring for you

Each and every single one of our NAPLAN programs are tailored to your child’s individual situation and performance. Our goal with students is not just to teach but also to help them understand and perform independently in the long-term.

That’s why we place such a heavy emphasis on our first lessons as it gives our tutors a chance to determine a student’s strengths, weaknesses and interests and most importantly, the way they like to learn.

Each and every single one of our tutoring programs are designed with students in mind and bringing the learning to life.

That means no boring lessons for you and a whole of results, fun and innovative lesson content.

We’re ahead of the game

From the way we teach our tutors, to the support that’s offered at Erudite Tuition, we can guarantee that you’ll find no one else like us.

We develop students by encouraging their desire to succeed and building their confidence. This confidence is key as we see our students become adept in navigating and excelling in the years leading up to the final senior years of exams.

With specialised support, thousands of resources at your fingertips and our 100% satisfaction guarantee, what have you got to lose?

What you’ll love about Erudite Tuition

Here are just some of the reasons why you’ll love our selective school tutoring program.

Past Papers and Resources

Any program isn’t complete without the resources to back it up. We’ve created practically unlimited quality test papers covering the entire scope of the test. We also have specialized question programs which target specific question types and underlying thought processes.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Love your first lesson or it’s on us. We’ll cover the cost of the lesson and find you a suitable tutor with no additional charges. No payment is required until we find the right tutor and we’ll let you change tutors until you find one you absolutely find perfect.

Parent & Student Integration

Parents and students are in the loop and fully integrated into our tutoring programs at all times. We provide progress reports after every lesson, tailored by your tutor and we operate with complete transparency. For example, all online lessons are fully recorded and available.

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Our tutors also have…

Working with Children Checks

Every single tutor has a valid employee Working With Children Check and has been cleared to work with children.

Completed Extensive Training

All our tutors must undergo a strict training process before they are allowed to take on students.

Resources and Skills

With thousands of resources and materials and extensive experiences and training, our tutors both have the lesson content and the knowledge required to teach anything.

Join our satisfied students

March 15, 2024

The service is very professional. Highly recommended to all students in seeking for academic success or simply help.

George Hanna
January 25, 2024

I am delighted to express my gratitude for the outstanding work that Nishka has been doing with my daughter in the legal studies subject. Nishka guidance is truly commendable. The tutor's dedication, and effective teaching methods are very helpful and appreciated.

Lisa Camilleri
December 19, 2023

My daughter sought out Math's tutoring to support her doing Math's extension 2 in her final year of schooling (Yr. 12). She was so very happy with Eric's weekly tutoring. She looked forward to the sessions and found it v. enjoyable. She also felt the tutoring also benefited her overall ATAR mark. Thanks so much Eric and Erudite. - Mother

poonam puri
October 22, 2023

I can recommend Emma Ng as a courteous, top most, excellent HSC maths tutor.

Henz Zzz
September 4, 2023

Grateful to have chosen Euridite. Completely satisfied with the Maths method and Physics VCE tutor Aaron.

Or give us a call at 1300 236 806

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