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Primary school serves as an important foundation during which many of the key skills and fundamental principles which will govern a student’s academic journey are developed. Our primary school tutoring programs at Erudite are structured with our 4 pronged approach to ensure that our students excel not only in academics, but in their attitudes, confidence, and approach to learning.

Erudite’s primary school programs ensure that students develop strong foundational knowledge, problem solving, analytical, and critical thinking skills, and the ability to think and express themselves effectively. We also ensure that students develop the right attitude and mindset towards challenge and academics.

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We know it can be difficult to find a perfect tutor on your first try. That’s why, on your first lesson with us, don’t pay anything until you find the tutor perfect for you!
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Outstanding and Exemplary Tutors

Our tutors are the best of the best and specially trained for primary school tutoring. We look for tutors that offer more than academic results because we know that the relationships with students matter the most. That’s why we focus on tutors who are mentors, have role model qualities and have a passion for tutoring.

All of our K-6 tutors are hand-selected and go through a rigorous interview stage process.

Erudite tutors are also diverse in the fact that they come from a wide range of backgrounds from high-performing university students through to currently active or retired teachers. All of our tutors we have on-board who go through a training program to ensure they have the skills necessary.

We’ve invested years of experience into making sure that you’re only getting the best at an affordable price. That means high-quality resources and support to bring out the talent in every student.

We’re ahead of the game

Each of our primary school tutoring programs are tailored to your child’s individual situation and current performance.

That’s because our goal with students is not just to teach but also to understand.

We understand, appreciate and strengthen the existing talent of primary school students and we build a strong foundation for their educational journey ahead.

First lessons with students are very important to us as it gives our tutors a chance to determine a student’s strengths, weaknesses, interests and the way they like to learn.

Each and every one of our primary tutoring programs are designed with students in mind and bringing the learning to life.

That means no boring lessons and a whole lot of innovative lesson content for you.

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Here are just some of the reasons why you’ll love our selective school tutoring program.

Past Papers and Resources

Any program isn’t complete without the resources to back it up. We’ve created practically unlimited quality test papers covering the entire scope of the test. We also have specialized question programs which target specific question types and underlying thought processes.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Love your first lesson or it’s on us. We’ll cover the cost of the lesson and find you a suitable tutor with no additional charges. No payment is required until we find the right tutor and we’ll let you change tutors until you find one you absolutely find perfect.

Parent & Student Integration

Parents and students are in the loop and fully integrated into our tutoring programs at all times. We provide progress reports after every lesson, tailored by your tutor and we operate with complete transparency. For example, all online lessons are fully recorded and available.

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Our tutors also have…

Working with Children Checks

Every single tutor has a valid employee Working With Children Check and has been cleared to work with children.

Completed Extensive Training

All our tutors must undergo a strict training process before they are allowed to take on students.

Resources and Skills

With thousands of resources and materials and extensive experiences and training, our tutors both have the lesson content and the knowledge required to teach anything.

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March 16, 2023

Very nice, very professional

Nada Abalkhail
February 28, 2023
John Robens
February 9, 2023

Highly intelligent capable tutors

Melissa Ramsden
January 23, 2023

Sophia is worth it.

judy tjin
December 18, 2022

Sophia is a good tutor who goes at a good pace to consolidate my child’s learning. By doing multiple examples of an unfamiliar topic, she is slowly improving her skills through her explanations.

Venkata Satya
September 21, 2022


Or give us a call at 1300 236 806

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